SZW Type Reciprocating Grate Boiler

SZW Type Reciprocating Grate Boiler

Product Description

1, The overall structure is arranged compact and reasonable, structure form and water circulation circuit is simple and clear, boiler structure is compact, occupy little space, the appearance is beautiful and elegant. Boiler room is single-storey layout; The investment of civil work is few.
2, Boiler achieves linkage protection in feedwater, coal provide, grate operation, dreg clear, self-control of the draft blower and induced draft fan, over temperature(hot water boiler), over pressure, high, low water line(steam water), ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Equipped with complete thermal monitoring instrumentation, electronic control console, unlock of draft blower and induced draft fan, boiler water temperature with over-temperature protection device, it can cut off the fan and induced draft fan and the grate stop running when the water temperature beyond the regulate or the circle water pump stop suddenly. The boiler has the over-pressure alarm and automatic adjustment device.
3, The front and back arch are collocated reasonably, it composes a strong radiation arch to strengthen combustion and improve the adaptation of the coal maximum.
4, Ensure the reasonable smoke ejecting temperature by arrangement of adequate heating surface, improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Boiler output is enough, high exchange thermal efficiency of the convection heating surface, it can achieve the nameplate output and have more than 10% overload capability.

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