Noviter-NSTB Steam Boiler

Noviter-NSTB Steam Boiler

Product Description

Noviter- NSTB type steam boiler, its design can produce both superheated steam and saturated steam. It is the single drum natural cycling boiler, the furnace is membrane water wall structure, convection bank is equally surrounded by membrane water wall.
Every Noviter NSTB type steam boiler are custom-made, the company may design and produce NSTB steam boiler that evaporation is 20 ~ 200t/h in accordance with the various special needs of customers production design, the fuel is liquid or gaseous fuels, usually the design pressure can reach 4MPa, it also can design higher pressure boiler.
Noviter company adopts the most advanced design tools, and combined with years of the conventional boiler design experience, manufacture excellent quality and reliable running steam boiler.
In order to reduce the cost of the boiler auxiliary equipment and conducive to use, maintenance and start, NSTB steam boiler adopts single burner layout below 80t/h capacity.
In order to use all available energy as much as possible and heighten boiler heat efficiency, Noviter Company set a boiler energy device (economizer) at the boiler outlet after fuel analysis and various calculations.

Full 3D computer aided design calculation
Noviter NSTB steam boiler thermal calculation, hydrodynamic calculation and heated side wall temperature calculation according to the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and numerical heat transfer (NHT) principle, adopts the international advanced FLUENT software, precise calculate every point temperature in the furnace, combustion product distribution and heat side wall temperature distribution, so as to reasonably guide the heating surface layout, make each heating surface heated evenly, prolong boiler service life and save steel. The right picture is the result that Noviter company technical experts use FLUENT 5.0 software made by full 3D computer simulation to the static pressure distribution in the boiler header

The world's first initiated of vertical top-blown arrangement
Noviter NSTB steam boiler adopts vertical structure, and relies on ground support, so the structure is compact, cover an small area, Meanwhile, no complex piping systems and bearing system, facilitate the installation and maintenance of boiler. The burner is located at the top of furnace, make the furnace flame is good, reduce the smoke blind Angle, increase the thermal efficiency, and ensures the reliability of the water cycle.

Full membrane wall structure
Due to the furnace adopts membrane water wall structure, so it can fully absorb radiant heat of the flame, and improve sealing of furnace, at the same time, because of furnace wall does not receive flame radiation directly, thereby it can doesn't need refractory materials; Convection bank are surrounded by membrane water wall, make the sealing of convection bank is good, so also doesn't need refractory material, make the weight of furnace wall reduced greatly, and reduce the workload of boiler installation and debugging at site.

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